Bluelace Ocean & Field Tour
Ogasawara Chichijima

Bluelace tour

Bluelace give a marine tour and mountain tour for a few people with a great satisfaction.

You can enjoy dolphin swimming, snorkeling and sea kayak in a marine tour.

And in a field tour we walk with you, showing living things in Ogasawara.

We have two more tours , one is visiting the scene of old battle and the other is night tour.

Tour guide is only one. To communicate exactly people who join these tour have to speak japanese.
I beg you to understand my position.


Ocean Tour

  • Boat Tour
  • Snorkeling Course

Boat Tour

You can enjoy dolphin swimming & watching , snorkeling , seakayak in boat tour.

One day tour

Tour fee 10,000 yen
(Children 8,000 yen)

Snorkeling Course

I will give you a snorkeling lecture at beautiful coral reefs.

Ogasawara-maru arrival day

Tour fee 6,000 yen
(Including snorkeling set , wet suit rental)

Field Tour

  • Forest Walking
  • Historical Battle Site Tour
  • Night Tour

Forest Walking

One day tour

Tour fee 8,000 yen
(Children 6,000 yen)

Half day tour
8:30~11:30 or 13:00~16:00

tour fee 5,000 yen
(Children 4,000 yen)

Historical Battle Site Tour

Half day tour
8:30~11:30 or 13:00~16:00

Tour fee 5,000 yen
(Children 4,000 yen)

Night Tour

Night tour

Tour fee 3,500 yen
(Children 2,500 yen)


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